We are a family of 7 looking for dining room table and chairs at least 8 seating.twin bed frames 3 or full. Thank you again in advance.
Would like a set of hand weights ( dumbbell or kettle bells)
Seeking shower chair for elderly person. Thank you
Man's disco-like shirt (Med)/outfit or leisure suit and jewelry; thin man 5'11" Woman: thin 5'3"; jewelry, jacket/dress/blouse/shoes (7)
PPA took my car for 13 yr. Old parking tickets my ex ran up. I need free transportation to get around. Text me at (215)720-6999 if you have a bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter.
Looking for a unwanted/unused skateboard so I can pick up a new hobby.
Hi, We need to replace the gas control valve on our stem boiler and appreciate any recommendations. Steam heat is different from water heat and not too many plumbers are truly knowledgeable. Thanks, Norma
In need of a HP envy power cord Your not using
ISO seed starting kit with trays, grow lights & multiple shelves.
Need a frame for our full sized guest bed
I need several adult black graduation gowns for a group costume. If you have one or more, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
fold-up (if possible) and working. Thank you. we can pick up.
Looking for any shoe boxes for a Christmas charity project. Thanks
I have taken in two rescue kittens I was well prepared to take them in. My niece climed the cat tree and broke it and I cannot afford to get another as I am about to move also I am looking for tubes/tunnel as these two sweet kitties decided to rip through there's. They are fiesty Lil ones. Please any help with work. Any toys litter anything. Thank you in advance for your help.
I'm moving at the beginning of November and my husband and I are looking for, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, living room decors and a couch, and 2 dressees. If you can help with anything for a new apartment. Please let me know. Thank you very much in advance
I'd like to go for walks with my granddaughter
I'm looking for a spotlight to illuminate an outdoor statue.
Looking for old potion bottles, red brick self stick wallpaper, mini cauldrons, black plastic spiders (like the rings), owl statues/vases, old box luggage/briefcases, hanging ghosts, etc. for my son s Harry Potter party if you need for Halloween, I can wait until after the holiday for pick up! Thanks!
In need of bigger boxes and any packaging fillers you may not want/need any more.
Hi all. I want to master the magic circle knitting method, but don't want to invest in needles in case it doesn't work out. I am working on a project for my sister for Christmas. Does anyone have cable needles 36 or 40 inches for medium weight yarn?
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